It seems that each property management firm has their own unique description of what Day Portering consists of. We tailor our service to meet your exact definition and needs. Here is a list of the most common services that fall under the category of day portering:

  • Maintain trash receptacles - Remove and replace liners and wipe down lids
  • Maintain dumpster area
  • Supplement your landscape service with removal trash in landscape areas.
  • Policing of parking lot, removing large debris
  • Clean the sidewalk areas of trash, cigarette butts, etc.
  • Remove unauthorized signage
  • Report any illegal dumping, and remove if directed to
  • Maintain vacant suites making sure they are secure and clean
  • Dust window sills

Keep in mind this is just a general list of duties we provide at most properties. You may have in mind other services, which we are glad to perform for you. For example, from time to time each property needs:

  • Curb and speed bump painting
  • Graffiti removal
  • Rooftop inspections
  • Window cleaning