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Commercial Graffiti Removal Services
in Arizona

Commercial-Grade Graffiti Removal Services from the #1 Service Provider

Graffiti removal

Don’t Let Graffiti Ruin Your Building

Graffiti can be a problem for your business. It can deter customers from entering the premises and can cause further damage if not treated properly. CAMCO’s highly-trained technicians use industrial-grade pressure washing equipment to get the job done right the first time. Please contact us right away to get unsightly graffiti removed from the side of your building.

Man removing graffiti

Do I Need to Remove Graffiti from My Building?

Yes! The sooner you get graffiti removed from the side of your building, the better. Removing it quickly deters criminals from hitting the same property again and can prevent the paint from setting into your building service. You also don’t want to leave your building damaged by graffiti, as this can affect your flow of customers. Please do not hesitate to contact us right away if you need help removing graffiti from your building.

Getting the Job Done Right

  • Before

  • After

Many property managers try to remove graffiti themselves. This can lead to more damage to the building. While they may be able to remove the graffiti, it could leave an unnatural look that doesn’t match the rest of the paint job. You may be left with irregular patterns or discoloration. Our experienced crew can quickly identify the surface type and type of substance used to put the graffiti there. This will help in determining the best method of removal that won’t cause any secondary effects that cause your building to look strange.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Customer satisfaction is one of our core benchmarks for success. We keep communication open with our customers so that they can get in touch whenever they need. We pride ourselves on our reputation and are personally invested in the successful maintenance of each property we maintain. If there is ever an issue, please contact us right away. We will do whatever we can to make it right. You can hear from some of our satisfied clients by clicking on the button below.


We have been in building and property management services for years. As commercial building cleaners, we can handle multiple types of building surfaces. We use commercial pressure washing equipment to quickly remove graffiti and restore your building back to its original condition.

Other reasons to choose us include:

  • Large fleet of commercial grade equipment. 
  • Our managing partners have over 38 years of combined experience. 
  • Fully insured up to $2 million. 
  • Emphasis on customer service.
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How Our Graffiti Removal Service Works


Contact Us

Please call 520.748.2583 to speak with one of our customer service representatives. You can also fill out our online form or email


Get a FREE Graffiti Removal Quote

We can come out to inspect the graffiti to determine the building surface type and graffiti paint type. From there, we can send you a quote with accurate pricing.


We Restore Your Building

Our crew will show up within the designated time frame to quickly get the graffiti removed. If this is an emergency, we have flexible scheduling to get there as soon as possible.

Get Your Graffiti Removed Today

Don’t leave graffiti up for another day! Contact CAMCO to get it removed and your building restored.